Training Syllabus

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Dynamic Stretching & Warm-up Excercises.

Although not part of the Kyokushin grading syllabus, all students should familiarise themselves with the 17 hand techniques and 21 leg techniques. Created by Hanshi Steve Arneil as warm up exercises and now used throughout the IFK and other Kyokushin groups as a dynamic stretch and to develop strong limbs. 

Due to the benefits of this dynamic stretching at Elite Fighting Arts, we also use the 21 Leg Technique (click word link for video) exercises for the Tsuyoi-Kakuto syllabus, as a grading requirement for 10th Kyu. Click on the pictures below to see a larger image of the exercises where you will also be able to zoom in if required.

17 Hand Techniques.

21 Leg Techniques.

For the English translations of the Japanese terminology in this section and the details of Kyokushinkai stances and their weight distributions please select the Glossary of Japanese Terms.

There is no fixed syllabus for Muay Thai Kickboxing at Elite Fighting Arts.

The syllabus for Tsuyoi-Kakuto training is not as formally structured as Kyokushin and does not therefore require a whole section, however a syllabus guide for students has been attached below.

Tsuyoi-Kakuto syllabus Kyokushin-Syllabus

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EFA Training Times:

Thai Kickboxing & Open Gym 8 - 9pm

Kyokushinkai Karate 7 - 8pm
Knockdown Fighting & Fitness 8 - 9pm


Elitian Cubs (Kids Karate) Age 3-6 years

Tsuyoi-Kakuto, Japanese MMA

9 - 10am

10 - 11am

Elitian Cubs from age 3 - 6 years
Juniors from age 6 years - 16 years
Seniors from age 16 years +

More classes available. Please refer to Instructors page.

EFA Training Costs:

1st Session Free!!

Pay as You Train Fees:
£7.50 per session.

Pre-Pay Monthly Fees:
£20 per month - 3-16yrs.
£30 per month - 16yrs +

121 Classes by Prior Appointment:
£20 per hour.