2nd Kyu

Kyu images have been reproduced from the book Traditional Kyokushin Karate with kind permission of the author Sensei Piotr Szeligowski 4th Dan


Pinan-Sono-Go, Gekisai-Dai.




Move back and block Seiken-Mae-Gedan-Barai, slide forward Seiken-Ago-Uchi, slide forward Seiken- Gyaku-Tsuki-Chudan, one step Mae-Geri Chudan, followed by Mawashi-Geri Jodan, Ushiro-Geri Chudan, Seiken-Mae-Gedan-Barai, Seiken-Gyaku-Tsuki-Chudan, return and cover. (Fist to be held closed at all times).


90 Seiken push ups.
10 Two finger push ups (on knees). Then change to five fingers, extend legs and hold position for 15 seconds.
90 Sit-ups.
90 Squats.
90 Killers.


The applicant must be physically fit to perform all techniques i.e. not injured. Any permanent physical disability must be underwritten by a Doctors letter of explanation.

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