1st Kyu

Kyu images have been reproduced from the book Traditional Kyokushin Karate with kind permission of the author Sensei Piotr Szeligowski 4th Dan


Yantsu, Tsuki-No-Kata.




1. Seiken-Oi-Tsuki, Seiken-Gyaku-Tsuki, Seiken-Oi-Tsuki, Shita-Tsuki with facial cover, return and cover. 2. Front leg Mawashi-Geri-Jodan, same hand Seiken-Oi-Tsuki-Chudan, Seiken-Gyaku-tsuki-Chudan back leg Mawashi-Geri-Jodan, return and cover.


100 Seiken push ups.
15 Two finger push ups (on knees). Then change to five fingers, extend legs and hold position for 15 seconds.
100 Sit-ups.
100 Squats.
100 Killers.


The applicant must present an essay on Karate theory to the Dojo Examiner, titled either Origin.... or Meaning.... The essay must be presented at least 1 week prior to the official grading date.


This is the final Dojo club level Grading, all Black Belt tests are to be held in front of a National Panel of Examiners. 

The applicant must be physically fit to perform all techniques i.e. not injured. Any permanent physical disability must be underwritten by a Doctors letter of explanation.

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